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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Girly Girlin' Up For Da Stars....

Okay, today I'm off to interview cast -n - crew of Shark Boy and Lava Girl - Robert Rodriguez's latest green-screen extravaganza for kids. I loved it...the mans such a creative genius.

So, I figure I'll bring the bring the "big" pocketbook (purse) as the swanky hotel I'm heading to has delightful toiletries...and I turn into a Film Noir dame pocketing the loot - see. I am, I confess, addicted to miniature smellie dohinkies for the bath. Small enough to explore, little enough to steal, and easy to trash if you hate them.

So, I head into the shower for my pretty-up stage and open the new sugar vanilla scrub. Okay, once again my girl gene and I have been scammed. I realized, for all my tough facade I am just a gurl. And a media snorting girly girl at that! I bought, for something like 10.00, sugar - SUGAR folks. HARD sugar. That kind they serve on sticks in fancy restaurants trying to be all French - ROCK CANDY swizzle shove into a fancy glass container with artful deign beckoning me. SUCKER.

I reach in and get a glob of rock and oil (now balancing the GLASS container so as not to have a scene from Psycho - accidently. Still, I precede. I rub (read: as if with sand paper) this pastry topping upon my leg. HA! Exfoliate...Exfoliate - ya sure 'cause it peels a layer of skin back towards the marrow! OUCH. Obviously, I didn't dare shave me legs...

But the painful accrument did smell quite nice - like cookies Christmas morn (literally). Then I threw on a bodywash of "Cotton Candy" - I am staying with the whole candy store theme today in honor of Shark Boy's kid stars ya know? I step out and my dog starts to sneeze in disgust. I have overdone the bakery body bath.

Now I must get dressed and pray wasps and bees leave me be en route to my car...I smell like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory escapee, and a huge dollop of butterscotch. It's weird but kinda fun. Though the "sugar" scrub faux pas shall not be ventured into again. TRASHED it.

Gosh, I hope they have the verbena body wash at the hotel today...LOVE that stuff. And hey, if I'm schlepping over the hill to chat about their film - the least I should get is a nice self procured gift ensemble right?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi. do you talk back to people??

12:16 PM

Anonymous ciara said...

are you going to make a sharkboy and lavagirl number cause if you are i would be glad to help cause i already have some ideahs oh and if you do use the same people execpt maby add me!!!!!!!!!!!

5:29 PM

Anonymous ciara said...

if i did come on tv would it be free? cause i'm kinda poor!!!!!! and i would die if i meet sharkboy!!!!1

5:31 PM


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