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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bat Secret Information Leaked - Well, Figured Out...

A friend - a high powered friend - rings me and says in their best Sam Spade, "You'll wanna find yourself down by the Groundlings theater by say 730pm on Thursday see." Okay, they didn't say "See" but it was that mysterious. "Just be there...there'll be a certain someone, who shall be un-named, you'll wanna be seein'" I said, "Oh, just tell me who it is?" CLICK. They went Ipswich clam on me.

See, every Thursday night the Groundling Theater does the Gas Show. It's a wildly entertaining Improv show riddled with themes and spontaneous brouhahas. And, the cast - like Mindy Sterling, Patrick Bristow, Tim Baggley, Jim Rash - and so forth call upon their "comedy friends" to step in and play...I've seen gaggle of guests that would make comedy hounds weep.

So, I had clues. I knew the friend knew that I wouldn't schlep over the hill for just anybody. It had to be Jim Carrey, Mike Myers or Will Farrell. Hmm. Jim's filming...Mike doesn't "feel" right. And Will Farrell is scheduled for all sorts of Press todos this weekend for Bewitched. Who - WHO could it be?

So, I am getting ready - contemplating on canceling - and I'm blasting the 'Edward Scissorhands' Score...when viola it hits me. Eddie Izzard.

Duh. He's my favorite "comedian." And after spending fifteen years in dank theaters with my stand-up comedian sister, he (and perhaps Emo Phillips)is the only "comedian" who still gets upon a stage - that any true friend of mine would dare assume I'd travel to see - let alone break "hush-hush" stoopid Hollywood no-tell trusts. Like I'm gonna send out an all-points bulletin- geesch!

I arrive a bit early so the friend and I can grab some chow. We get pizza. She's still all mute - mum as a Tut exhibit piece...

Poker faced, and sure of myself, I waited till she sipped her soda and said, 'It's Eddie Izzard." She choked as expected...looked shocked, and agreed. She said, 'How'd you know???!!! This is all super secret - no one knows he's coming.' I said, 'Deduction dear Watson. Jim is filming - and I interview him all the time, I love him, but it couldn't be him...Mike Myers seems anti-guest player type these days. Will, (though an ex-Groundling )has a busy PR week." and the I paused, and said, "Besides, Memorial Day when we were discussing the lending of Izzard dvds to one of soiree's guests, I was asked to do Izzard's "pear routine"...as the host quoted, 'he's her fave.'" My dinner friend said, "That's ridiculous - you couldn't know from that!" I says, "Well, you're super secret tone ment I was to be shocked not only at it being a "fave." But there had to be a lark behind the timing...Simple."

Eddie did the show and was, as expected, superb. They played with his British differences - to the glee of an audience. But, Izzard quickly caught on they were purposely using "Americanisms" to throw him off his game, and retorted with a bazillion accents, breaking the fourth wall, and diving in throwing back Britishism - while good heartedly allowing himself to be "the joke." He was not in "drag" but in sexy black boots (manly man low heeled)old blue jeans and a tight-side-ish purple and white striped shirt with a punky hair do. The shirt was all wrong- the talented lad really needs a stylist. But, again, I'm the one walkin' the dogs in my swanky neighborhood with the crusted tee-shirt from some bad movie inside out with my hair in a Tim Burton swirl - each mornin' - so who'm I to pass GQ Faux Pas-dom judgment?

Next Thursday he's at the Coronet I discovered with my bat Hollywood tuned hearing whilst ease dropping backstage. Being Ms. Blunt I was able to shimmy into to the show. Eddie's "Testing" material - so I am afraid, I can not review. He'll be on tour soon - then you'll all hear the scoop PDQ!

But, I am excited. I mean come on! It's like sitting in on a mental Mozart rehearsal for the Izzard convertees - like my self.

Know him? Well, here's a review of an Izzard "collection" deal at Amazon - I highly recommend the man. Super smart - while not talking over-your-head (Review-> http://www.bluntreview.com/reviews/eddieizzard.html


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