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Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Sizzling Saturday Eve

I know, I know, folks think I'm out carousing the town in a faux mink vintage stole made by Edith Head...Okay, maybe they don't but certainly you wouldn't have me pegged as an Appointment TV gal. Yep. Mondays - I have become a fan of 24, Tuesdays, Idol & House. (unless there's a film I have to see/review).

Friday eves I usually go out to Largo and see Jon Brion till 200am...so, Saturday nights I stay in and chill.

Now, with this blissful ritual, I've discovered on Saturday nights PBS seems to break out the goods. None of the " Wallybees of North Umbria Mating Among the Captives" study-stufamagol. No. Last night on "Indie Lens" they had The Ramones End of the Century (Purchase ). Oh, I'd wanted to see this !!! The music reviewer at the site, Radio Bobo-K, totally lucked out by deciding to review for BluntReview.com RIGHT when this puppy came out on DVD (reviewed on bluntreview.com in music).

I adored The Ramones - they were after all the stepping stone to much of the cooler music of the late 70's and 80's. And they could be very very loud on my stellar system blending a state of other-plain glee and an odd reaction by one's soul; its trying to get into the another room for some peace and quiet...

Then, I grew bored with them - well the documentary (it is a tad long and no commercial breaks, or control buttons to pause). So I clicked to the other PBS station just as Mystery Theater was ending (whaaaa) - BUT this new show series called, 'Regency House' was just beginning! It's that whole "put folks in another era and see how they respond" deal. Human hamsters in Victorian England! I RAN to make a bowl of popcorn, brewed a tea, and settled in.

Okay, the show's premise: it's 1790- or 1801 or something, I've missed the part of the actual time-period (making the popcorn). They are all wearing the frilly corset ala Kate Winslet films, and the men have that cool Johnny Fingers hairdos and the form fitting manly man pants, and of course the once a week bathing scenario (eeeerrrrrryyyeeeccchhhh). They (the cast) are to spend a summer (8 weeks), courting as they would have 200-ish years ago. The have guardians - which are really pimps trying to match the wealthy-with wealthy. They have strict rules, which are really a way of keeping the women at bay while the boys play - as it was. Man, what a terrible time for women. AND they all talk openly about marrying for status - head NOT heart - as it was. Boswell's world revisited eh?

They've been selected from varying 21st century lives, some rich some poor, and placed in the house as their past rank counterpart. The rich in today's world are rich in the past-- and the priveledges are sickening. ONE girl, a lowly secretary in today's scheme, is not a servant (heaven forbid) but STILL can't even dine with anyone, or play in any of the reindeer games because she - financially & status-wise - has nothing to offer!!! Dear god I'd have just shot myself and been done with it-- but then again, the guns of the days missed 2716 of the times.

Anyway, I highly recommend both the purchase of the Ramones history ( Joe Strummer shows as one of the commenting mega-talents), and look up "Regency House" it's wild - and I am shocked that folks can't handle 8 weeks - some were freaking out in the first couple of days. If they were on a set of a period piece? Geeze- that's probably twice as gruelling - CATERED FOOD! Though- I didn't know this nasty habit the old-time folks had of putting the animal head with the roast-- to show freshness. YECH. So, here's this pheasant with a chopped head and it's feet at the other end of a bbq'd carcass. Go Veggie!


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