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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Debussy Lives...and he plays every Friday eve....

Okay, I have already proven a tad addictive in these diary-like rants. So, my obsession - the real - one....the one friends now basically just sigh at: Jon Brion. Since Joe Strummer, whom I adored, died I was left without music (new music) that really touched my soul.

Then a PR guy says, "Hey, can you cover a score for 'I Heart Huckabees' and our client Jon Brion? You may like his music - it seems very you." I said, "Send it over - lemme see if I dig it."

I now have in my possession a treasure. It's Brion's "samples" for David O. Russell's masterpiece (that no one saw). It's about an hour and half of him "tinkering" - looking for the theme... I could not believe what I was hearing.

Brion's already converted fans would probably freak to even know I've got it- and that such a cd even is in the universe - let alone in my possession! ...but I digress.

So, I go to see the guy live - before our interview - I was with my then boyfriend. Well, a guy a was schtupping - he looked a tad like Count Chocula for my tastes but he was smart, and tall - so I kind of put-up-with-him. You know what I mean...

Meanwhile, I expected, a lame ass typical guitar snob. Figuring the cool music I had heard was just fandangled studio trickery - after all, no one can be that great...

But, I am wrong, and positively blown away by this Jon Brion guy. He plays all the instruments, and does a ton of songs (besides his own) with odd twists (Like Bob Dylan hues for Queen, or Cole Porter ala Metallica-style). Meanwhile, the beau de jour turns to me and says, " Do you think he's cute?" Okay, guys, never ask a chick you're dating if a Paul McCartney-like mega talent who is obviously making her toes curl ('cause he's so good) if she thinks the rock-star on the stage is cute. DUH.

They have to lie. Well, at least if they are in that state of nirvana brought on upon some rare soul that's upon a stage wielding music like a Debussy reincarnate or something - like this Jon Brion chap was. Ha. Mr. Insecure had to question me. So, what could I do? I smiled, and said, "15 years ago I would have." LIE. Jon Brion is ah-dorable.

But it's really his music that I am drawn to. Brion's music - which - because of his utter passion, just makes him glow. It's almost a sexual experience. And, I do NOT mean that in a sickly, or fan girl freak-way. Have you ever seen a true musician, the pouring from the pores type? It's like, if a time machine placed you at the hall as a young undiscovered Mozart started a show, and you knew "this is different - this is special"...and you were there...That's what I mean.

So, every Friday night I am at Largo, watching Jon. It's like a soul feeding - and I am NOT alone. Many of the faces there are always the same...for the second set at least.

Naturally 'cause I'm a girl, everyone assumes I am smitten with Jon. I am not. He's a musician - I know what that means...I've been there ya know? But I sit there all smiles diggin' the music and folks seem to figure I'm just a groupy. Me...a groupy - I love it.

The reason for my babbling on this particular day, is to tune you in. Go read the interview and / or the soundtrcak review (Eternal Sunsjine & I Heart Heart Huckabees) w/ Jon Brion and myself at BluntReview.com in the music section - discover folks. Discover. If you're the type that digs a Debussy piece, or even into an original genuine talent among the mishmash of homogeneous crap out there...know and love Jon Brion.

Okay - good deed of the day done - I must walk the dogs, and go to bed....

Hope you entered the Life Aquatic Contest at BluntReview.com ! Only a week left;)


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