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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Where's the Life?

You know I work and work and work....Then suddenly the sun is done, and Malcolm in the Middle is back on. I say, "Ooopsie, now where'd that day gone and disappeared to." The phone rings - I ignore it as Reese is up to something devilish...When I move my carcass off the couch it's a message alert. Argh.

Some big celeb wants me to do a story on them- for exposure, the hurried publicize whispers. Um, sure - why not. It's not like I have a "life." Let me spend hours meeting, transcribing, and cooing over some billionaire. Hey, if we meet at The Mondrain I can stock up on those love-er-lee Agua samples they hoard in the maid closets. They are a blend of sandalwood and verbena (spelling?). Truly delightful.

I ring my niece, the plugged in teen, to see if this palooka is even hot. She is luke warm - rattling off his resume like an assistant at Bruckheimer films. But, she ads, he is, " HOT! A proper mansteak with actual talent." The apple does not fall far people...
I agree.

Now we start that odd power game the publicists here in the land of smoke-and-mirrors like to volley about. I hear that studied David Spade-voiced receptionist aka The Wall respond, "And you are? And I care because...?"

I explained - Your boss called me kid...
I will now wait the mandatory two or three days for response - the sweat factor. But, you see I don't sweat ...'cause I don't care, really. There is life after entertainment, and House is on tonight. There's a sparkle in the night's air...

Sour? No. Just plain old use-to-it. Call don't call...There's always another talent to talk to. This city is a strange place...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard! Thanks. I am addicted now.

2:43 PM


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