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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Walter Mitty-Life Revisited

We all have odd little things happen in our lives...Living in the land of stars (Los Angeles) I find myself in odd situations nearly everyday. I know it's hard to believe, but one gets bored with star-sightings. And, really, what are ya gonna do? Run up and coo over every Meg Ryan and David Duchovny ya see? Let them come and coo over me I say.

Anyway...I was asked recently "What's your strangest celeb run in?" Wow - when I stopped and thought, I said to myself, "Geeze, it is kinda weird - if you dig this kind of thing." So, I shall avoid what friends and family call, "The Jim Carrey Time Line," a phenom I live with - and truly a strange lost-cousin deal - where he's everywhere I am, except he's the star so, I'd be "the circumstantial stalker."...and skim through some of the less fantastical fun snippets:

Okay, I'm at a swanky hotel for a press day - it's early and I'm half-caffeinated; not a friendly sort. I get into the elevator and spot David Carradine. He's standing in the corner of the lift, with two antique scary looking samurai swords crossing his chest in a dramatic pose (though it's probably because the things are worth like a bazillion dollars and they should NOT be "touching" anything 't-all and the scene looks as if he's in pre-battle chant-mode, not en route to plug his new film via a photo shoot)- He has literally no expression - and pretends he doesn't see me get in. I waltz in (coffee IV in tow). As the door shuts the Muzak starts...."The Girl From Impanema (sp)" I, naturally BURST into laughter. Here's Kill Bill's BILL in a silk frock poised in the corner - a slice right out of a Tarantino film...and he remains blank and emotionless. I arrive at my floor, as he stares ahead, I bow towards him (just 'cause he's got no sense of humor) and exit...
That little slice still makes me giggle in traffic.

Hmm, who shall I speak of next?


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