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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Forever Tango....

It's was a bustling Saturday night and we were off for some hot tango. I have been a tango fan since Robert Duvall's pet film , Assassination Tango. Bob turned me on to the art , that till then had alluded me. Tango is like a super-classy soft porn set to gypsy music. Glorious.

We headed into the infamous Kodak theater - home of the Oscars - and took our box seats. Lover-ly. Box seats allow the viewer an exceptional view and privacy from chatty cathys and snorffing masses. I am - indeed - a snob at heart I am afraid.

The curtain rose and the extravaganza began...

Oh, how beautiful. The dancers all stern faced and limber limbed waltzed across the stage as an orchestra poured the music into the mind. How does the body manage to move like this? It's a dance phenomenon really. Elegant tantrums and the men...dear gawd. Latin and pouty. Ah, I drifted.

Being of Hungarian gypsy and Seafaring blood, I was in a state of nirvana.

Watching the spectacle is like theater; drama, story, and emotion all to music that the children of the night would have frolicked about to.

I couldn't help but think, "Geeze this stage is a lot smaller than the Oscar show would have you believe." It's not exactly huge- but on TV it seems endless. Now how'd they do that?

We stopped for a coffee - caramel shot included, and ventured home...our spirit a little lighter and our hearts soaring.

If you've not discovered tango? I highly recommend it - truly a unique talent set to exquisite music of the ages.


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